Visit Enggano Island

From surf trips to wildlife photography, bird life and sea life, a visit to the local villages, Enggano island has a multitude of natural attractions to see. It’s truly an escape from the tourist destinations and will give you the time and freedom to relax and enjoy what is a natural untouched wonderland.

Fly to Enggano Island

Just recently opened in December 2014 are flights via the small local airline named Susi Air that now fly twice a week to Enggano Island. Flying on Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon to Enggano Island from the airport of Bengkulu. Flights start at around $30 USD one way.

Catch the Ferry to Enggano Island

The ferry runs from the port of Bengkulu twice a week depending on the weather. It’s a 12 hour ferry ride to Enggano Island and about a 5 day turn around to come back.