Visit Enggano Island


Fly to Enggano Island



The season is here for surf and fishing adventures and while transport to and from Enggano Island has been a bit thin things are on the up. The ferry is back to the regular service and now Aviastar has committed to flying once per week making the opportunity to fit in with your schedule all the more easier. Now there should be less worry about connecting with returning international flights coming back from Enggano Island.

The Aviastar schedule is currently every Monday, departing at 9:55am and returning from Enggano island at 11:05am. Currently the best mode of transport for surf trips is the ferry ride. This is not so bad as the ferry arrives at the perfect location to start a surf trip on Enggano Island.
The airport for Enggano island is also having an upgrade to it and some time in 2019 new flights will be available for Enggano Island possibly including Wings (Lion) and maybe a Garuda flight. Keep your eyes open for that one.

From surf trips to wildlife photography, bird photography and sea adventures, a visit to the local villages, Enggano island has a multitude of natural attractions to see. It’s truly an escape from the tourist destinations and will give you the time and freedom to relax and enjoy what is a natural untouched wonderland.

Catch the Ferry to Enggano Island

The ferry runs from the port of Bengkulu twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon depending on the weather. It’s a 12 hour ferry ride to Enggano Island and about a 5 day turn around to come back. The departure days from Enggano Island are Wednesday and Saturday again depending on the weather.