Book an Enggano Island Adventure

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Camping and Adventure on Enggano Island Whether it is bird watching, surfing, photography or adventure on Enggano Island then these packages will suit you for any of them. There are no hotels or lodges on Enggano and at best you will be able to do a home stay. But to really truly see and experience […]

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The Enggano Island Ferry

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The Enggano island ferry runs twice a week from Bengkulu but if you head to Enggano for only a few days you will have to extend it to 6 days due to the ferry schedule. Then there is the weather, depending on the weather it can effect the times of the ferry.

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The Scenery

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Enggano Island has a large variety of landscapes from jungles that meet the ocean to beautiful sandy beaches and surfing waves that break on the surrounding reefs.

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The Conservation Act

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There are many conservation programs happening on Enggano island from bio fuel projects to regrowth of plant life to aid the wildlife in their habitat. Much of the island is protected.

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Enggano Island Video

Jul 16, 2013 1 Comment

My first trip to Enggano and we circumnavigated the whole island in 4 days. What a way to see the island.

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