Surfing Enggano Island

Are you looking to escape the big crowds of Bali and the many other over crowded locations of South East Asia? Are you ready to tackle the big waves of the trade winds coming off the Indian ocean.

Surfing on Enggano Island can be done all year round but for the best conditions try throughout the middle of the year. Maybe from February to July or August before the rainy season begins. The trade winds coming off the indian ocean generate some amazing waves that are reef breaks all along the west coast of Enggano Island. With left or right breaks to chose from there is a lot of choices for your surf adventure on Enggano Island.

You can contact us directly to put together an itinerary for you or directly book a trip through our partner website

The surf trips on Enggano Island are for those that are considered semi pro and can handle potentially big swells and reef breaks and on top of that you get to explore and have other adventures on the largely untouched Enggano Island.