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Surf Indo Enggano Island, Bengkulu, Sumatra

Aug 05, 2015 1 Comment by

So many people are turning to Indonesia now to find the ultimate surf trip. Indonesia has many great and well known spots to visit for surfing but there are also some great hidden locations that not many people know about and don’t have the large tourist crowds. Enggano Island is one of those places. It […]

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Book an Enggano Island Adventure

Dec 15, 2014 No Comments by

Camping and Adventure on Enggano Island Whether it is bird watching, surfing, photography or adventure on Enggano Island then these packages will suit you for any of them. There are no hotels or lodges on Enggano and at best you will be able to do a home stay. But to really truly see and experience […]

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Enggano Island Photography Tours

May 22, 2014 No Comments by

Coming soon with the Photography Tours Indonesia group will be the opportunity to travel to Enggano Island to capture in photography the great landscapes, sea scapes and the great bird life. Enggano island is known for it’s bird life so stay tuned for updates on the availability of these Indonesia Photography Tours coming soon.

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Traditions of Enggano Island

Oct 23, 2013 Comments Off on Traditions of Enggano Island

My good friend just posted a video of traditional dancing on Enggano Island. Check out the youtube video below.

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The Enggano Island Ferry

Aug 30, 2013 No Comments

The Enggano island ferry runs twice a week from Bengkulu but if you head to Enggano for only a few days you will have to extend it to 6 days due to the ferry schedule. Then there is the weather, depending on the weather it can effect the times of the ferry.

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My First Trip to Enggano Island

Jul 19, 2013 No Comments

Since arriving in Sumatra in early June I have met and made some amazing new friends. None other than the kind people of BKSDA. So while on a week off from my Bona duties I was invited to make the trip to Enggano Island. The ferry left the port of Bengkulu at around 6pm. It […]

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The Scenery

Jul 17, 2013 No Comments

Enggano Island has a large variety of landscapes from jungles that meet the ocean to beautiful sandy beaches and surfing waves that break on the surrounding reefs.

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The Local People of Enggano Island

Jul 17, 2013 No Comments

Enggano island has a long history and the tribes have evolved over the centuries. It’s amazing to meet some of the old villagers and learn about stories from the years past.

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The Conservation Act

Jul 17, 2013 No Comments

There are many conservation programs happening on Enggano island from bio fuel projects to regrowth of plant life to aid the wildlife in their habitat. Much of the island is protected.

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Enggano Sea Snakes

Jul 17, 2013 No Comments

On the west cost of Enggano Island lays a build up of small coral islands. These islands carry some small plant growth, plenty of trash from the indian ocean and is a home for mating sea snakes. Hundreds of sea snakes congregate to mate in the mangroves on the coral islands. I had to be […]

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